Can Filler

  • Intermittent motion can filler.  Machine as delivered set up for processing 473ml - 211/202 x 603 industry standard cans.
  • Machine equipped with (6) total filling heads, powered conveyor, seamer assembly, lid feeding/magazine assembly, support table and electrical panel.
  • Machine construction all stainless steel, with locking swivel casters.
  • Machine electrical panel equipped with Siemens PLC and HMI.  Machine equipped with automatic and manual operating functions.
  • Machine equipped with operator settable timers for CO2 purge and seaming contact duration.
  • Machine equipped with Nord Gear motors/gearboxes.
  • Machine equipped with Festo cylinders
  • Machine filing speed dependent on beer type, beer temperature, carbonation level and CO2 back pressure.  Typical filling speed of 1.0 Deg C beer @2.65 Vols. CO2 = approx. 12 cans per minute on 16 oz cans.
  • Machine voltage = 120 VAC, 1 ph/60 Hz, 15 amp min. service.
  • Machine air requirements:  90 PSI at 15 cfm min.  Clean dry air required.
  • Machine weight approx. 500 lbs.
  • Machine not equipped with ESA inspection sticker.
Machine FOB Markham Ontario.
Machine availability:  In stock, pending prior sale.  
Machine comes equipped with 20 ft of each beer beer hose type as spare (4mm and 7mm silicone hose).